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Jun 14, 2024 - 2:04 pm

Author’s Edge: Gaëlle Freer’s Interview with Dr. Koichi Fujino (US Radio Network, KXOK FM)(YouTube)

KXOK FM's interviewer, Gaëlle Freer had an interview with Koichi Fujino at Author's Edge on January 12th, 2024.

Watch KXOK FM's Author's Edge interview with the American Literature Scholar, Dr. Koichi Fujino (Seinan Gakuin University). Dr. Fujino is the author of Studying and Teaching W.C. Falkner, William Faulkner, and Digital Literacy: Personal Democracy in Social Combination (Lexington Books, 2018).

Author's Edge is a Radio Show dedicated to the world of writing, authors, editing, graphics, publishing and marketing. Gaëlle Freer and Bob Price coming to you weekly on Mondays at 3 pm on KWRH 92.9 AND KXOK 102.9 FM AM and Monday to Friday 2 pm and 7 pm nationwide on the My Genre Radio Network, US.

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